The ongoing training and development of our staff is part of the culture at Hairdo.  It is our belief that the

practice of mastering one's craft produces well rounded, confident, knowledgeable stylists which in turn,

enhances all guest experiences.

Owner and stylist Angelia Gabrielle, a Senior National Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems since 1989, has a long held passion for teaching artistry. She has taught in over 2,000 classes, workshops

and hair shows for stylists, owners and schools in the industry.  Angela is highly dedicated to her own

growth and the growth of all stylists.

At Hairdo, we hold and participate in advanced trainings for cutting, styling, and colour on a regular


Our classes provide an opportunity for guests to experience free services  (as models are often needed) and an open invitation for neighboring salons and stylists to attend.


MAY 15, 2018 at 9am       Wedding and Prom looks

Call  for reservations to attend or model

*Schedule will be updated in June